PORTLAND, Ore. -- Recent news of two local teens who went missing and were later found dead has suicide prevention volunteers eager to remind everyone that there is hope and help.

The new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has also brought suicide into the spotlight, but not everyone is sure that's a good thing.

Volunteers at Lines for Life, including a group of teens, are working to save lives. And they believe the show sensationalizes suicide as a viable option.

Molly Benson says she's frustrated with how the show portrays adults and even friends as unsupportive. She says in reality there's always a place teens can to turn to for help, and sometimes what they need most is empathy.

“I'm 17, I'm not a professional but I'm able to say, ‘Wow, that sucks, can you stay safe tonight?’” Benson said. “I think a lot of power in what we do at Youth Line is just being able to relate to someone at that level.”

Advocates hope parents will at least use the show to start a dialog about suicide with their kids.

If you need help, the line to call no matter what your age, is 1-800-273-TALK. You can also text “teen2teen” or "273talk" to 839863. Someone will always be there to help you.