UPDATE: KGW learned Tuesday morning that Kingman's guitar was found and returned to him. More details to come (original story below).

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The leader of the band Hill Dogs is looking for help after someone stole his guitar and amp from his car this week.

Taylor Kingman's 1957 Gibson ES-225TD (which he fondly calls Myrtle the Guitar) and Fender Concert Amp disappeared from his car sometime after he and the Hill Dogs played at the Mississippi Studios in North Portland Thursday night.

Kingman is distraught and even canceled one show after the theft. He says “the guy just stole my entire sound, that’s my rig.”

In the meantime, he’s using a guitar a friend gave him but says “it’s gonna feel different.”

Kingman isn’t sure exactly when the guitar was taken or where his car was at the time.

He has filed a police report. At this time he just wants it back with what he calls “no conflict."

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