PORTLAND, Ore. — The countdown is on for the Real ID Act to take effect and most Americans aren’t ready for the change. Starting Oct. 1, 2020, TSA agents will stop accepting standard driver's licenses as a form of identification to board flights.

TSA says travelers will be required to present a Real ID compliant license in order to travel domestically.

What's the difference between the ID you have now and a real ID? Cosmetically, the real ID will have a star in the upper right-hand corner. It means that you've provided the correct documents to confirm your identity and your citizenship and it's a way for the government to standardize identification requirements across the country.

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Is this the only identification that will work? The quick answer is no. Passports, military IDs, and permanent resident cards will still get you through airport security once the Real ID Act kicks in.

How do you get a real ID if you want one? Or maybe you don't have one of the above options. If you live in Washington, you can go now to the DMV. You'll have to bring documents that prove your identity, such as your social security number, citizenship, and your address. It costs $78.

But in Oregon, there's a huge hang up. Oregon is one of three states where you can't get a real ID yet. They won't be available until next July, just three months before the new rule takes effect.

Transportation leaders made a plea to Oregonians — get or renew your passport now. They are worried about huge crowds rushing to get their real ID in July 2020. They're hopeful that folks can get a real ID once the rush dies down.

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