PORTLAND, Ore. -- Living in the Pacific Northwest, we know we could get a major earthquake at any time.

We also know we need to prepare for it.

But preparing for the "Big One" doesn't have to be daunting.

Instead you can make it fun through social media game called 30 Days 30 Ways.

Clark County emergency planners came up with the idea for the game seven years ago, knowing that preparing for a disaster, like a major earthquake, can be an overwhelming and to some a scary task.

"We came up with this as a way to really challenge people to make it a fun game, in thinking about how to get better prepared for emergencies," explained emergency management coordinator Eric Frank.

Here's how the game works:

Every day during the month of September, participants are given a short task to complete. Some challenges get pretty creative.

For example one year the task was to list the craziest thing in your emergency kit.

"We had something about the 11 uses of a condom that was in there and by the end we had an elderly lady who went out to buy a pack to put in hers, after she saws those uses for it," recalled Frank.

Then there was the challenge last year to come up with an alternative to a toilet.

"We did one called 'everybody poos,' said Frank. "Sanitation is a huge issue after a disaster and an emergency."

Virginia Chapman starting playing the game a few years ago, and says she is now prepared for an earthquake.

"This allows you in 30 days, in 30 steps, to slowly build up your kit and build up your plan and in those little bite sized pieces it doesn't seem so bad and before you know it your all done and you're ready," she said.

What started seven years ago with just a handful of participants has since been played by tens of thousands of people around the world.