PORTLAND, Ore. -- The snow and ice hasn't stopped people from rushing out to get some last-minute winter essentials.

“Hopefully they'll work for me,” said Emily Vanvleet, as she tried on her brand new ice cleats.

“I'm excited to try them out. Hopefully I won’t slip. I slipped the whole way down here,” she said.

Vanvleet bought new ice cleats after she saw them displayed in Ankeny Hardware’s display window. The store is located in Southeast Portland.

Employees said they’ve been busy. Rock salt sold out on Tuesday. People have been coming in and buying winter essentials like furnace parts, ice melt, and toboggans.

Erin Fortner was a mom on a mission this Wednesday morning, to track down toboggans.

“Well I didn't have to go up to the mountain. This way I'm planning ahead,” laughed Fortner.

After all her work, even if her three kids start fighting over which toboggan is theirs, she's not concerned.

“There are three. Figure it out. Time for you guys to make some decisions on your own,” she joked.

After the stop at Ankeny Hardware, the Vanvleet family headed off for a little more shopping at the grocery store to stock up.

“As much as we can fit in our stroller,” said Vanvleet.

Patrick Hoye, who works at Ankeny Hardware, said they’re hoping to get more rock salt in soon. But they do have a lot of ice melt on hand, and even have some that are safe for pets.

Portlanders are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their home. If you don’t have rock salt or ice melt on hand, there are some homemade options.

A number of sites, as well as an NBC News article say combining hot water, a little dish soap, and some rubbing alcohol in a bucket, then pouring it on snowy or icy spots will work to melt ice.

Other options that may help with traction, include spreading bird seed or sand on slick areas.

In addition, if you’re walking on ice, it may help to walk like a penguin.