GRESHAM, Ore. – A SERVPRO of Gresham team is driving to Houston to help dry out homes and businesses.

The team of four, including Sean Sevier, left Friday. They are driving three large vehicles to Houston. They hope to reach their destination in two to three days, depending on Labor Day traffic.

They’re bringing generators, large fans and equipment to help homes, and will meet with two other team members already in Houston.

The team of six then plans to stay two to three weeks, working 14-hour days, to dry out homes and businesses.

“We're worried about mold growing, microbial growth, it’s all Category Three water so, it’s you know it’s from the ocean, sewers,” said Sevier. “Basically, we’re going to go in there helping homes, businesses, and go in there and stabilize them, so that way, it’s safe for them to be back in there, and get them ready for the next phase.”

That work includes tearing out building materials that they can’t save and getting to the foundation of homes, so they can bring in the equipment and dry out the structure.

Their goal is to help three homes a day. Along with equipment for helping homes, the team also packed water, and food, along with personal supplies for their group.

“I’m thinking about keeping everyone coming with me safe, to make sure we come back safely, back to our families,” said Sevier. “Our families are taking it hard, but they know that we are here for a good cause.”