PORTLAND, Ore. -- For the second time in just over two months, a car crashed onto the track at Duniway Park in Southwest Portland.

No one was hurt, but Andi Camp, who witnessed the crash Wednesday afternoon, said it was a close call. In a Facebook post, Camp wrote that she was on the track around lunchtime when she heard a loud noise and looked over to see a car crashing down the grass hill off Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard.

“It rolled to a stop on the turf field, narrowly missing a tree, a light pole, and two ladies walking down the back stretch,” wrote Camp, who added that it appeared the driver had had a medical emergency.

“This is just kind of freak-out weird!” Rick Lovett, a running who frequently trains athletes on Duniway's track, said.

“It's a little disturbing because it's twice, from two different directions,” said Lovett.

On Nov. 1, a different driver crashed their car through the Duniway scoreboard and onto the track. Police said that driver had also suffered from a medical emergency.

Duniway track crash (4)_1509573960033.jpg

News of the two crashes had runners hoping there wouldn't be a third.

“I will still run here all the time,” said Dan Wehunt. “But it's pretty crazy—twice within that time span.”

“I assume it's a coincidence,” added walker Bryan Stevens.

The City of Portland had a similar perspective. KGW asked Portland Parks & Recreation if they would make safety improvements around the track. Community relations manager Jennifer Yocom responded with this statement:

"Safety is our top priority at PP&R and we've looked into both crashes— they both appear to be anomalies and circumstances related to the drivers. There is no needed change in park design. We hope both drivers recover quickly."

Lovett hoped for some minor improvements where Terwilliger borders the park.

“Possibly some kind of reflector up there to let people know that it's a 'T', a dead end,” said Lovett. “It would be nice if we don't get any more flying cars.”

KGW asked the Portland Bureau of Transportation about the potential for safety improvements around Duniway Park.

“We'll be in conversation with PP&R on whether there is something needed there,” said PBOT spokesperson Dylan Rivera.