Seven business leaders, including Amazon and Starbucks, have each pledged at least $25,000 towards an effort to repeal the Seattle head tax, according to a report filed Wednesday with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission.

No Tax on Jobs began collecting signatures Friday for a referendum that would overturn Seattle’s controversial $275-per-employee tax. The group aims to gather about 18,000 signatures by June 12 to get the referendum on the November ballot.

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The Washington Food Industry Association, which represents independent grocers, had the largest single pledge with $30,000, according to the filing.

Amazon, Starbucks, Kroger, Albertsons, Vulcan, and Howard Wright, who is the CEO of the Seattle Hospitality Group, each pledged $25,000. Cincinnati-based Kroger is the parent company for QFC and Fred Meyer, and Boise-based Albertsons owns Safeway. Vulcan is backed by Microsoft Co-Founder and Seahawks owner Paul Allen.

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Real estate developer Holland Partner Group, which is based in Vancouver, Wash., pledged $20,000.

Other notable companies who pledged funds include CenturyLink, Dick’s Drive-In, Uwajamaya, and NBBJ.

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The head tax, which has a 2024 sunset clause, will raise nearly $48 million per year for affordable housing and homeless services. The tax would exempt businesses that gross less than $20 million a year in revenue.