PORTLAND, Ore. – A man running the 46th Portland Marathon on Sunday morning collapsed at approximately mile 15 after suffering cardiac arrest.

A bystander quickly began chest compressions and a crew from Metro West Ambulance, which was stationed nearby, responded and began advanced life support protocols. Crews from Portland Fire and American Medical Response also responded.

The patient was revived at the scene and taken to Emanuel Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Almost 7,000 runners ended up hitting the streets of Portland to run a marathon or half-marathon on Sunday,

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Course Map

Portland Marathon Route
Portland Marathon Route

The event was in jeopardy until last month. There was uncertainty that marathon organizers would receive the necessary permit to hold the event. The city granted the special event permit three weeks ago.

Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesman Dylan Rivera said the city initially denied the marathon’s permit request in June because the plan could not be staffed safely by police and they made no attempt to revise the race route to meet city guidelines.

The 2016 Portland Marathon was rife with problems. The race accidentally sent runners an extra half-mile, likely disqualifying some from the Boston Marathon. It also awarded the winner's trophy to the wrong person.

The marathon is also being investigated by the Department of Justice for potential conflicts of interest at the nonprofit organization.