PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's a tale of man versus nature.

“A ton of leaves left to fall. It's going to be trouble,” said Jim Holloway as he raked some leaves in his Northeast Portland neighborhood.

Holloway says when he thinks he's finished raking, more leaves start falling.

“A lot of work to do, all over the neighborhood, got to stay on top of it if you can.”

Some people are noticing their yards are getting filled with foliage that isn't even theirs with the city’s leaf day cleanup more than a week away.

“One day my neighbor was out raking my lawn and I said you don't have to do that,” said Jane Braunger. “But she said she felt guilty. So that was nice.”

Other people are finding it harder to get around.

As we go on walks with the baby we have to use extra precautions,” said Valerie Bartlett. “Make sure we don't slip.”

The Portland Bureau of Transportation warns if the leaves next to your house cause someone to slip and fall you could be sued.

Holloway says he is doing his best before the rain comes in.

“The heavy rains come and they all clog up the gutters.”

He doesn't seem to mind a little raking.

“It’s good exercise and fresh air; if it's not raining, you can't beat it.”

PBOT recommends people wait until a day or two before leaf day before raking into the street.