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Reports of shots fired during counter-protest in downtown Portland

Paintballs were fired and mace was sprayed, police say, as far-right protesters marched in Portland Saturday. Video with sounds of shots was also spread online.

Far-right protesters marched downtown Saturday afternoon in dissent of the protests against police brutality and systemic racism which have been happening nightly in Portland for 80 nights. Portland police said at least one person was injured after being hit with a paintball fired from a paintball gun.

Journalists on the scene also reported that shots were fired and at least one casing was recovered.

About 30 people were participating the Patriot Prayer rally in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center.

The Oregonian reported that people in opposition to the far-right protesters chased them into a parking garage and threw a bottle at the car containing the far-right protesters. This was following the far-right protesters allegedly shooting paintballs and macing people opposing their presence. 

The Portland Police Bureau released a statement Saturday night saying it had few resources available due to another incident in Northwest Portland.

Police said an officer took are report of one person who was injured after allegedly being hit in the face with a paintball fired from a paintball gun. Police said mace or bear repellent was allegedly used but did not clarify who was using them.

A video posted to Twitter showed some cars leaving a parking garage at SW 4th Avenue and SW Yamhill Street. Something that sounded like shots could be heard. A caption on the video said "shots fired" and someone is heard saying, "They're shooting blanks." The end of the video shows a still image of someone holding a casing.

The Portland Police Bureau said a person allegedly fired a gun near that location. No one was reported to be injured in that incident.

Counter-protesters to the far-right presence also allege that a pipe bomb made possibly of PVC and gunpowder was found at SW 4th Avenue and SW Main Street near Chapman Square.

Portland police are urging anyone who may have been a crime victim to report it so investigators can try to connect the crimes to the video and photos showing up on social media.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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