PORTLAND, Ore. – Two bathrooms at the Reed College library were covered in hateful graffiti Saturday night.

The walls were spray-painted with a swastika, profanities and one person wrote, “The white man is back in power.”

A spokesman for the Portland college said the graffiti was found at around 9 p.m. and was painted over two hours later.

College administrators do not know who was responsible for the vandalism. They released a statement Saturday night:

“Regardless of who committed this heinous act, such behavior is antithetical to Reed’s mission and values, and will not be tolerated. Anyone seeking to cause fear or harm to members of the Reed community should expect a vigorous response.”

The college library is open to students and the general public.

Tiffany Kraft lives near Reed College, and decided to hold a community rally at 11am, at Portland City Hall. "I just want people to know that there is a community of support, that this is happening in campuses nationwide. Portland is not an isolated event, and we need to come together and say immediately that this is unacceptable."