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Raw video: Portland police officers kneel with protesters

Some of the protesters got up to shake hands, high-five and hug officers.
Credit: Ryan Ao
Police officers kneel with protesters in Portland, Ore. on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

PORTLAND, Ore. — On Sunday, a passerby captured an inspiring moment on camera, as Portland police officers took a knee with protesters in downtown Portland.

Some of the protesters got up to shake hands and high-five officers.

Ryan Ao said he was trying to get to his car which was parked in the area where a large, peaceful protest was happening on Sunday afternoon. He heard a lot of noise and went to see what was happening.

"I'm hearing a lot of cheering and all of a sudden I see some people hugging a police officer, and I'm like, 'What?'" Ao said. "So I come running down here to document this and I was just blown away.

"I think we saw a historic moment happen just now, where all kinds of protesters were hugging and high-fiving police officers, who took a knee with the protesters," Ao said.

"Go Portland. Right on." 

Watch the video:

The Oregonian tweeted a video from Shane Petraszewsky that showed a conversation between a protester and a police officer that led to the officers kneeling in solidarity.

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