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Psychologist offers tips on how to combat 'Zoom gloom'

Dr. Tere Linzey said too much screen time can cause depression and anxiety in both adults and children.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The pandemic has forced a lot of people to rely on video platforms like Zoom to communicate, but too much screen time can have major effects on your mood. It can even develop into an addition to digital devices.

Dr. Tere Linzey is an educational psychologist. She said 'Zoom gloom' can cause depression and anxiety in both adults and children. It can also slow children's visual procession speed, which is how quickly they take in visual information and connect it to what they already know. 

"Our kids are reading slower, it's taking them longer to take notes in school and things like that, so if they can't take it in quickly and hold on to it, it will really impact their learning," Linzey said.

She tested 50 kids this year and found that 48 of them had slower processing speeds compared to two years ago. When kids go back to in-person school, it could be harder for them to pay attention. 

Linzey said playing board games and spending time with family without devices can have a positive impact. She said exercising and getting sunlight outdoors can help cure "Zoom gloom."

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