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KGW viewers weigh in on Portland protests

KGW asked our viewers on Facebook for their thoughts on the ongoing protests in Portland.
Credit: Garrison Davis
A driver fires multiple shots into the air after a confrontation with protesters in downtown Portland. (Courtesy: Garrison Davis)

PORTLAND, Ore. — The city of Portland has been in the spotlight for the ongoing protests that have been happening for 48 continuous days. While many of the protests are peaceful, most nights there is destruction happening that has caused millions of dollars in damages to area businesses and structures.

Other notable facts on the nightly protests include:

  • Federal officers were deployed by the White House
  • Both citizens and police officers have reported injuries
  • One man was hospitalized after a federal officer shot him in the face with a “less lethal” round
  • Citizens have been pulled into unmarked minivans by federal agents
  • Trump administration labels Portland a city “under siege” by “violent anarchists”

We asked our Facebook audience where we go from here and the Portland community sounded off.

Here are just a few of the responses to the post:

Maggie Ramos-Ellis: Change the system or this will continue. Duh. It’s not hard to figure out. This is the culmination of so many years of justified anger over the injustices our country is subjected to at the hands of a militarized police force. The people cheering on the fascists are the same people we saw screaming in police officers’ faces in April because their state was shut down. They’re the same people that come armed to their protests. They're the same people verbally abusing officers for enforcing local mandates to slow the spread of Covid. They’re the same people that claim to love freedom and want this to remain a police state in the same breath. They’re hypocrites.
Change the system. Black Lives Matter.

Michele Hansen: There's plenty of blame to go around for many things. There are people out there that are not peaceful protesters, that are out there to damage and make people think that all the protesters are acting that way, they're purposely doing that. These men in camouflage sent by trump they need to go. Now!!! Get them out, get out of our city. 

Imelda Marcos: We keep going til there is substantive change in racist policing tactics.

Gregory Fowler:  I support BLM but this is anarchist taking advantage of this situation for their own agenda which has nothing to do with BLM movement. Enough is enough. 

We want to know what you think. Share your thoughts by filling out the anonymous form below.


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We'll be sharing some of your thoughts in our TV newscasts. 


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