PORTLAND, Ore. – Activists protested outside of the Multnomah County Courthouse Friday afternoon, as supporters of the Oregon occupation trial celebrated the not-guilty verdict nearby.

The group Don’t Shoot Portland was protesting against police use of force and advocating for Multnomah County Sheriff write-in candidate Teressa Raiford.

The protest began at Portland State University at noon and shut down a street in front of the courthouse at around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Near the protesters, Bundy supporters were holding a celebratory barbeque. Seven people who occupied a federal wildlife facility in Oregon were acquitted on all but one charge Thursday.

Members of Don't Shoot Portland burned a flag given to them by Bundy supporters.

Protesters explained they felt they were mistreated by city officials during a recent attempt to testify at a city council meeting.

“In the last few weeks not only have community activist been beaten and abused by systemic violence perpetrated by Portland Police Commissioner CHARLIE Hales!!” The group posted on its Facebook event page.

During the event, leaders spoke out against gentrification, the verdict in the Oregon occupation trial and use of pepper spray on protesters by Portland police.