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PPB may allow new recruits to have face/neck tattoos; can now apply with GED

The Portland Police Bureau is considering allowing full beards and tattoos above the collar as they try to fill 100+ vacancies.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Due to what the Portland Police are calling a “critical staffing shortage,” the Bureau is refining its hiring process and making allowances in its minimum requirements for the job.

Currently, there are 128 officer jobs available at the Portland Police Bureau with more on the horizon as officers retire in 2020. The Bureau is actively recruiting and hiring officers and beginning on July 1, you will now be able to apply if you have a GED or high school diploma. In years past, an associate’s degree has been required of officers.

This adjustment in education requirement will now match the education requirement for Oregon State Police.

Changes are also being considered when it comes to the look of an officer.

Currently, officers are allowed to have tattoos, providing they are not sexually explicit, racially or sexually biased or discriminatory, below the collar. PPB is considering the allowance of tattoos above the collar, presumably on the neck/face/head. They would be subject to the same screening for inappropriate content.

The bureau is also considering allowing officers to grow beards, so long as it does not interfere with the fit of their protective equipment.

There is not an estimated date for when these changes may go into effect.

"These changes to policies were made after careful review of our hiring process in the attempt to identify potential barriers to entry," said Chief Danielle Outlaw. "We will revisit the effectiveness of these changes after two years to determine if our hiring numbers have increased."

To learn about the entire hiring process, visit https://www.joinportlandpolice.com/

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