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Officials call off search for possible plane crash in Washington County

The Washington County Sheriff's Office received a handful of reports about a plane crashing, but found no plane or crash site.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oregon — The Washington County Sheriff's Office called off the search for a possible plane crash on Monday afternoon. WCSO said it has not found a crash site or plane.

Deputies began searching for a possible downed plane Sunday evening near Sunset Highway and Highway 47, after multiple witness reports. The Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol and Banks Fire also assisted with the search. 

“Washington County Sheriff’s Office decided to suspend the search Monday afternoon after exhausting all leads and using all available resources to their ability," said Scott Adams, a Public Information Officer with the Banks Fire Department. 

He said the search and rescue team followed up dozens of leads that came in, but despite following up on those leads, crews didn’t find any sign of a wreck. Adams said crews spent nearly 24 hours searching for the possible crash.

According to a spokesperson from WCSO, deputies received a tip Sunday from a credible source that there was a plane not in control, which was followed by a loud boom and a plume of black smoke. Multiple witnesses in the Timber area corroborated hearing a loud boom and black smoke.

One of the people seeing the plume was Claudia Ramirez Alvarado, who provided a photo to KGW.

Credit: Claudia Ramirez Alvarado

Authorities contacted local airports and none of them have reported any missing planes. WCSO said the search was performed out of an abundance of caution. 

This story may be updated. 


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