PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland’s landmark fossil fuel ban has been shot down by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

In December, Portland passed an ordinance banning major new fossil fuel projects, in an effort to combat health and environmental impacts of fossil fuels. The ban prohibited projects such as new coal and oil terminals.

The ban was supported by environmental groups such as the Columbia Riverkeeper and the Portland Audubon Society, but opposed by some oil industry and business groups.

The Portland Business Alliance, the Western States Petroleum Association and the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council formed a coalition and asked the board of appeals to overturn the ban.

The land use board issued a lengthy decision Wednesday determining the ban unconstitutional.

Mayor Wheeler said he may appeal the decision.

“This decision is disappointing and goes against the interests of our community,” Wheeler said. “It is incumbent upon us to protect our residents from the enormous risks posed by fossil fuels. The City is reviewing the ruling and exploring our options, including an appeal. Additionally, we will continue to work with environmental, energy, and resiliency experts to ensure Portland remains a leader on these issues.”