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Poll: Most Portlanders claim they tip generously

The tip size may be influenced by how people pay. In the poll, 22% said they tip more on an electronic hand-held device compared to writing it on a paper receipt.
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PORTLAND, Ore. — Do you think of yourself as a generous tipper? The vast majority of people in Portland and Seattle believe they tip service industry workers generously, according to a new poll.

PEMCO Insurance released its 2023 Northwest poll showing 84% of Portlanders claim they tip generously, or at least adhere to standard tipping practices.

When it comes to leaving gratuity at a sit-down restaurant, most people agree that diners should tip a minimum of 15% and not exceed 25%. But exactly how much money is the right amount? It's a question that Portlanders appear to be somewhat divided on.  

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About half of the people surveyed, or 53%, said they believe diners should leave a tip of at least 15%, but less than 25% "when they have a good experience eating at a sit-down restaurant." When it comes to tipping on the lower end of the spectrum, 37% said it's appropriate to leave less than 15% when the service is enjoyable.

Gratuity may actually be influenced by the way diners pay. Almost one-quarter of people who have used a tablet or a handheld device said they pay more when using an electronic device compared to writing down the tip on a paper receipt.

With more businesses turning to digital payment methods, more customers are being automatically asked to pay tips calculated by businesses instead of deciding on the amount themselves. About three-quarters of people surveyed said they prefer to calculate their own tips.

PEMCO Insurance's poll comes as the topic of "tipping fatigue" has been making national headlines lately. One frustrated customer vented on social media and said she's against drive-thru tipping.

Food delivery drivers have also been in the news in recent weeks to complain about under-tipping. A DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok for eating a customer's order after getting a $1 tip.

Nearly half of all Portlanders and Seattleites surveyed in the poll, or 46%, agree that it's fair to tip food delivery drivers, but not more than 15%. Another 21% of people said they shouldn't be expected to tip anything when they pick up their order or have it delivered.

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