In honor of the annual tradition of raising a glass to toast the new year, we thought we’d compile a few statistics about the drinks of choice for Oregonians.

First off, according to a study, the Portland metro area is among the top 5 “Booziest Cities” in America, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place to celebrate come December 31.

Portland, Vancouver and Beaverton were lumped into one area in the study, and ranked No. 4. No other cities in the Northwest made the top 10.

When lining up the rankings, researchers broke down the numbers from their entire user database to find out which cities had the most singles who like to savor a glass of wine, sip a tasty cocktail or drink a beer.

The beer drinkers no doubt helped tip that glass, since Portland currently has more breweries and brewpubs of than anywhere else in American, according to the U.S. Brewery Association.

SmartAssett graphic
SmartAssett graphic

And speaking of beer, a study conducted by SmartAsset ranked Portland as the third Best City in America for Beer Drinkers.

These researchers tallied up the per-capita number of microbreweries and brewpubs in each city, as well as the average price for a pint and Yelp star ratings, among other factors.

They touted Portland for its 68 microbreweries and brewpubs, with more springing up every year. The Rose City also earned extra cheers for its popular pedal-pubs, including the ride offered by BrewCycle, which takes partiers on a pub crawl steered by sober professionals.

Beer is easily a fan favorite in Oregon but, according to, if you want to have the best chance of impressing your date, you should order a pinot noir. Apparently that’s the top drink of choice for singles living in Portland.

So what about the hard stuff? The Oregon Liquor Control Commission conducts a study each year to determine the best sellers in each state, among other statistics.

With the exception of December sales which still have not yet been tallied, it looks like Jack Daniels wins the popularity contest in Oregon.

Here’s a look at Oregon’s top 10 and the money spent on each:

1. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 $14,155,282
2. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey $12,073,778
3. Crown Royal $11,122,499
4. Pendleton Canadian Whiskey $9,859,814
5. H R D Vodka $8,795,615
6. Smirnoff Vodka 80 proof $8,708,189
7. Monopolowa Potato Vodka $8,185,911
8. Jameson Irish Whiskey $8,125,435
9. Absolut Vodka 80 proof $7,173,189
10. Makers Mark $7,019,438

Overall, liquor sales brought in $1.11 billion in revenue for Oregon this past year, according to the OLCC.

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