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Portland mom describes how enhanced child tax credit will help her family

The new child tax credit program contained in the stimulus bill fundamentally changes federal financial support for families.

PORTLAND, Ore. — An increased child tax will bring in more money for families with children who need extra financial help like Brittany Riddle.

She is the mother of Sanaya-Raye, Tiesha, and Gavin-Cole, ages 11, 9 and 4.  Riddle is a native Portlander and a single mother.

“Absolutely they make me very proud, I think god blessed me with very good kids,” said Riddle.  

On a dry, sunny day this week it was a good to get out to play at a local park; there's been little of that during the past year of pandemic.

“Oh it has been a struggle, I think they had to adapt not having social interaction with their peers. So with me having to work from home and them having to do school from home it can be really, really tough,” said Riddle.

At least she has been able to keep working, helping people find jobs as a specialist with the non-profit Human Solutions. Still it's been tough times with three kids.

“If you have multiple kids that's a clear indication you have multiple bills because those are multiple bills by themselves,” joked Riddle, who added, “They require shoes, they require clothes, soap, coats, you know a lot of things.”

Here is how the enhanced child tax credit will help Brittany and her family financially: previously the tax credit was $2,000 dollars per child. Now it will be $3,000 each for the 11 and 9-year-old and $3,600 dollars for the 4-year-old.

That's a $9,600 dollar tax credit for 2021. Half of it will be paid monthly starting in July.

Payments will be $250 each for the older kids, and $300 for the younger one.
It adds up to $800 more a month for the second half of the year.

“That will mean a lot, I will be able to catch up on the bills that are currently piling up, it will help with having a little bit of money left over to buy miscellaneous things like clothes, shoes and stuff for my children,” said Riddle.  

Riddle knows she is more fortunate than many- including some of the unemployed people she helps in her work.

“And they may not be able to pay up all their rent but they'll be able to give food to their children or help somebody else out, the possibilities are endless.”

Including for Riddle’s family, affording a little something special the working mom would like to do with her children this summer:

“I want to take them to the coast, I want to take them to the coast, I want them to breathe, you know?”

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