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'She could have killed them': Portland police looking for suspects in gas station assault

Witnesses say two women hit a group of people with their car after being denied gas on suspicion of intoxication.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Police are asking for the public’s help finding suspects involved in a violent attack at a Northeast Portland gas station.

On Oct. 14, police said two Black women, one with bright red hair, walked into the 76 gas station convenience store on Northeast 102nd Avenue and Glisan Street. 

The clerk behind the counter, Rachael Jones, 38, said the woman with red hair appeared "very intoxicated," so she refused to serve her gas. 

“She came around the counter attacking me and her friend went after the cigarettes … all the customers were helping, trying to get them out. They started trashing the store and we finally got them out.”

Security cameras captured the women walking outside and getting into a black Dodge Caliber with no license plates. With the red-haired woman at the wheel, they drove off. 

Seconds later, the car returned for the first of four high-speed pass-throughs between the pumps and the mini mart. During the second pass-through, the car hit a group of people standing outside the store. Two men fell to the ground injured. Attendants and customers came to their aid and dragged the men inside just seconds before the car drove through for another pass.

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“She just — she did not care,” said Jones. “She could have killed them, as fast as she was going. She was trying to hurt us.”

The fourth time the car passed through, it hit the pump island. By then, police were on their way as well as paramedics for the victims. The two women were gone before they arrived. 

“That's exactly why I didn't want to sell her gas. Because she was intoxicated,” said Jones.

Anyone who recognizes either woman in the security images is asked to call the Portland Police Bureau. You can also submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers of Oregon, which is offering up to a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. 

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