PORTLAND, Ore. -- You may not hear about it, but first responders in Portland are planning how they will respond to a terror attack.

John Reid, with IKR Consultants recently led a scenario that included the FBI, Portland Police and Portland Fire and Rescue.

“Just last month we actually ran a drill here in the city where we talked about these very issues. It was a vehicular assault and we talked about how to mitigate in various locations around the city, we also talked about the recovery process."

He said the impact from a terror attack goes beyond people who are hurt or killed. It can create a stigma for an area and people may want to stay away.

Part of the drill is planning how to get people to feel safe again in that area and how to help businesses plan for disruption during investigations.

“It can happen anywhere and we have to be prepared everywhere. It’s one of those situations -- there’s a lot of people -- you may not hear about it -- it’s not something people go around talking about but it is going on constantly,” Reid said.

Scott Castleman, a private security expert with 25 years of experience said it’s important for each of us to have a plan for escape when going to a public gathering.

“Constantly doing the plan, think and act. Where planning, constantly planning, looking at your surroundings noticing what’s going on. Thinking about the quickest escape routes and acting, doing whatever you can to get out of that situation,” he said.

Once you’ve done the planning, you can relax at least a bit. But he said its important to be ready to act, that most people don’t believe what they see during an incident and that can lead to even more people getting hurt.