PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - About 600 city bathrooms will become "all-user" on Friday with signs designating female and male replaced with signs that show a toilet.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the new signs show what's behind the door and not who should be using the facility, according to city officials.

Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish proposed the change in December 2015 after he says people from across Portland asked for it.

"At the core of what we're doing is making restrooms more accessible to people," Fish said. "What we're celebrating is that our city is becoming more welcoming to more people. We're saying this is another arbitrary barrier that we're eliminating and we're doing so at virtually no cast to the taxpayers, but providing everyone including you and me with more choices."

The new signs will make the restrooms accessible to parents with young children, people with personal attendants and transgender people.

The city manages approximately 850 restrooms. Almost 600 are single-user facilities, with roughly half in park facilities spread across the city.

Multnomah County and Portland Public Schools have changed their single-stall facilities to gender-neutral in recent years.