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Watch: Portland man reunites at PDX with cat that vanished five years ago

The cat was found wandering the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

PORTLAND, Ore. — If Viktor Usov looks anxious, it's because he is. He is minutes away from a moment he thought would never come.

"The rumbles are starting," said Usov. "I'm excited my cat is coming home."

Usov went to Portland International Airport Tuesday night to reunite with his cat that vanished five years ago. Usov figured a coyote got the best of Sasha. He was wrong. Sasha was found wandering the streets of Santa Fe, NM just a few weeks ago.

"When I saw him last, he was the size of a large burrito and now I think he's the size of four large burritos," said Usov. "He's just huge."

The plane carrying Sasha touched down at PDX around 7pm Tuesday. Usov was like a kid on Christmas.

"This is it you guys," exclaimed Usov as Sasha emerged from the secure area at the airport. "Oh my God, here's Sasha."

Sasha was not alone on the flight to Portland. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter employee who orchestrated the reunion tagged along.

"It's crazy," said Murad Kirdar. "I've been at the shelter five years and I've talked to people who have worked in the shelter business for over a decade and they've never heard of an animal traveling 1,200 miles."

It is unclear how Sasha made it all the way to New Mexico. We may never know. It really does not matter. All that matters is that Sasha is back where he belongs.

"This is making my day," said Usov. "This is the best."

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