PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland's air quality returned to healthy on Sunday after smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire downgraded the city's air quality to unhealthy on Saturday.

Easterly winds pushed smoke from the 45,000-acre fire in the Columbia River Gorge to the west, according to KGW forecaster Brian Brennan. While smoke was heading west, the fire is not spreading west, officials said.

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On Saturday, the five cities, including Portland, with the worst air quality in the country were all in Oregon.

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Brennan said the smoke would get pushed back east and away from Portland on Sunday.

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Smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire initially returned to the metro area on Thursday. Banks Fire District even sent out an alert saying smoke seen in Washington County was from the fire and asked people not to call 911 unless they actually see the source of the fire.

Skies cleared Friday as winds pushed the smoke south but easterly winds returned on Saturday.

This isn't the first time the metro area has dealt with smoky skies from the Eagle Creek Fire. In the days after it first broke out, winds pushed smoke west and ash fell over much of the area for a day.

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