PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland’s Unipiper hopes you’ll recognize the man seen in a video, stealing packages off his front porch.

“It feels like a gut punch,” said Brian ‘The Unipiper” Kidd. “The act of someone coming on to your property and taking your stuff it becomes really personal really fast.”

Kidd is known for rolling around town on a unicycle, playing bagpipes that shoot fire, and balancing on balls. Now he’s reliving the moment a stranger stole several packages from his front porch, the video recorded thanks to a security system.

Kidd says the theft happened the evening of Dec. 5. You can see the stranger walking up to the home, picking up the pile of packages, and taking them back to the van, dumping them in the front seat, then driving away.

Kidd says the packages were full of items for his baby girl, due to be born in less than a week.

The theft only takes 30 seconds. Kidd says police told him the man was driving a stolen Mark Adams Electric van.

“This really hits home to two of the epidemics going on in Portland right now,” said Kidd. “The stolen vehicle crisis and the porch pirates.”

He posted the photo on Twitter, and it has since gone viral, shared hundreds of times in less than 24 hours, the video sparking a conversation about porch pirates, and people hoping that the stranger will soon be identified.

As for Kidd and his wife, their baby girl is due in less than a week, and they hope that no one has to feel the same way they did, after this theft.

Kidd says this is also a great reminder to have your packages delivered to a more secure site, instead of your home.

“I do not wish this feeling on anyone else. I feel like the people of Portland are ready to stand up and say hey, we’ve had enough of this,” said Kidd. “Hopefully some good will come of it and we'll be able to save someone else’s Christmas.”