PORTLAND, Ore. -- A woman was found dead inside a Southwest Portland home Monday morning. Her ex-husband died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound hours later in a different location, police said.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner confirmed Tuesday that Nicolette Elias suffered multiple gunshot wounds as well as two wounds from arrows. The autopsy of her ex-husband, Ian Elias, indicated he died from one gunshot wound to his chest.

Police were initially called to the report of gunshots inside a home in the 4100 block of Southwest Brugger Street just before 7:30 a.m. A neighbor reported hearing the gunfire and then seeing a man leave the home with the two young girls who lived there, ages 8 and 9.

Officers at the scene put a camera on a K-9 to give them a view inside the home and found 46-year-old Nicolette dead inside. They also determined there were no additional victims.

In a statement Monday night, Portland State University said Nicolette was a valued PSU employee who worked as a office specialist in the Department of Psychology.

The suspect, 47-year-old Ian Elias, was identified as the victim's ex-husband and the father of the girls. A Special Emergency Reaction Team went to his home in the 6700 block of Northeast 25th Avenue.

"While SERT was at the scene, the man exited the rear of the home and shot himself in what appears to be an intentional act," Simpson said. The girls were found safe with their stepmother.

"Detectives are working with the Oregon Department of Human Services to place the girls into a safe and secure home as the investigation continues to develop."

Nearby residents were alerted by phone that police activity was taking place in the neighborhood and they were urged to stay indoors.