PORTLAND, Ore. – A Portland dispensary owner's dog, named Kona, was found dead Tuesday inside his owner's car that was stolen last week.

Kona had his leash around his neck, and police said the leash was wound around the shift lever of the car. It was unclear how or when the dog died, police said.

"He was my family member," owner Bill Robbins told KGW. "I spent every minute with him."

Kona, a Great Dane and black lab mix, was inside Robbins' car when it was stolen last week.

The theft was caught on surveillance video at Sweet Leaf Illusions, near Southeast 82nd Avenue and Harney Street.

Police were looking for the suspect and a woman who was seen with him on the day of the theft.

Officers were seen questioning that woman, April Gerhold, Wednesday evening.

Gerhold denied that she's the one pictured in the surveillance video and said she doesn't know who the suspect is.

"I don't know who it was, but I'm pretty sure the couple probably got mad at each other," she told KGW. "One of them got mad at the other one and probably they made up now and they needed someone to blame."

Shown a photo of the woman police described as the person of interest and asked point blank if that was her, she snapped "no!" preceded with an epithet.

Robbins said he left his car and the air conditioning running to keep Kona cool while he went inside the shop. He thought all the doors were locked.

The video showed a man stealing the car with Kona inside at around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

This image shows the suspect opening Bill Robbins' car.
This image shows the suspect opening Bill Robbins' car.

Robbins’ black Hyundai was spotted near Kelly Elementary School on Tuesday. Police said the car had been parked there for several days.

"The dog was curled up in the front seat of the passenger's side," Robbins said. "He's had him sitting in the car in this heat. He pretty much killed my dog for no reason. He could have let him out, free and he didn't."

Police tested the car for fingerprints.