PORTLAND, Ore. – The Port of Portland is celebrating the opening of a brand new Quick Turnaround Facility, the airport’s first major infrastructure project complete under PDXNext.

The facility is meant specifically for rental car companies to get the vehicle ready for you. It houses the fueling, provides car washes and on-site storage for rental cars. Customers pick up rental cars at the regular pick-up location.

840 rental car vehicles can be stored on the second deck, and 430 cars can be fueled and cleaned each hour. The building also houses 16 car-wash bays, and 72 fueling positions.

The building is also energy efficient, and collects more than 2 million gallons of rainwater in bins. The water is cleaned and re-used to wash cars.

The project cost $67 million, and is three times the size of the previous facility used to process rental cars.

Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds says the facility is needed as the area continues to experience growth, and is part of PDXNext.

PDXNext projects are planning and construction projects, happening now through 2025.

“We’ll soon see an expended concourse, we will see a new structure going up to include more space for rental car operations and parking,” said Simonds. “That frees up space for taking cars off the roadway and making it easier for travelers to access.”