PORTLAND, Ore. -- Hundreds of cars abandoned and people struggling to get home for hours.

Most Portlanders don't remember last winter fondly.

“It felt like there was not enough being done. I come from Connecticut and am used to them plowing right away,” said Justin Scholefild. He missed a few days of work last winter because he couldn’t drive up the hill out of his neighborhood.

“I want to know if they are going to use salt,” said Scholefild. “How will they switch it up from last year, because obviously they could do stuff better.”

The Portland Bureau of Transportation checked their equipment and snowplow routes Thursday. They do this every year ahead of winter. Spokesperson Dylan Rivera said there may be some changes with salt and additional resources this winter, but he would not go into detail.

“We expect to use salt again this winter, in very specific areas on an as needed basis. The mayor and Commissioner Saltzman will have more on that Tuesday.”

Rivera urged people to prepare themselves for winter driving and the chance of being caught in a winter storm. He said PBOT does not plow down to the surface of the road in order to avoid costly damage.

“If you have front wheel drive and snow chains, you should be able to navigate the road. But we do not provide clear pavement in winter weather,” said Rivera.

He urges people to purchase snow chains and practice how to use them. Keep extra food, water and clothes in your car in case you end up stuck in the snow.