PORTLAND, Ore. – It was business as usual Tuesday at Portland’s Union Station, where trains to and from Seattle were, for the most part, on schedule.

Passengers told KGW that even though feelings are raw after the train crash on Monday, they still trust riding the train.

“I love the train,” said Marnita Kitts.

Kitts and her daughter Cheryl Bowen arrived in Portland from Tacoma on Tuesday. They said it was pretty quiet on the ride south, although the train left around 6:45 a.m. and many people were sleeping.

“I said, if God wants us to go then we should have been on the train before,” said Kitts. “But we weren’t. We were on this one. We made the reservations, we had no worries at all, honestly.”

The two are in town to pick up Marnita’s uncle, and then will head back to Tacoma on the train the same day. While they know some are worried, they are not.

“I canceled my dad’s ticket to come today,” said Bowen, “I didn't want to worry about him worrying about it. I knew Marnita needed support, and I didn't want to send her alone, so we already had our tickets.”

“We believe that Amtrak does the best they can,” Kitts said. “It breaks my heart what happened, but we had no qualms at all, either one of us.”

Lonnie and Jennie Reynolds are from the Seattle area. “We were actually part of the backup of traffic coming this way because of the wreck,” said Lonnie. “It took us an extra hour, we were caught in some of the side street traffic.”

The couple voiced what many others told KGW, and look forward to their train trip to Salem to celebrate Lonnie’s birthday.

“I’m not nervous,” said Lonnie. “I mean, it’s no different than being in a car quite honestly.”