BEAVERTON, Ore. – Two Panera Bread employees rescued two dogs who were left in a car in Beaverton Wednesday afternoon.

The employees told police they saw two Yorkshire Terriers barking from inside the vehicle, which was parked outside the restaurant in the Cedar Hills area. The windows were fully rolled up in the 90-degree weather. The employees then tried to find the owner, Beaverton police said.

An employee eventually broke the window, which is legal in certain instances under Oregon law, and the dogs were able to get out without further harm. Police did not say how long the dogs were locked in the car.

The owner of the dogs, 21-year-old Barth Cosett, was at a nearby Chase Bank opening an account. He told police it was a “poor choice” to leave the dogs in the car.

The dogs are ages 13 and 2, and are “emotional support dogs,” police said.

Cosett was cited for animal neglect.