PORTLAND, Ore. — The owner of a Northeast Portland bar is suing Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, Ian Kramer and several other right-wing demonstrators after a large fight broke out on Wednesday night.

Cider Riot is suing for $1 million dollars in damages, clean-up, loss of profits and additional security, according to court documents.

Cider Riot hosted a May Day party that several left-wing anti-fascists were attending when Gibson and other right-wing demonstrators showed up. A fight involving people with both groups broke out outside the bar, and pepper spray was reportedly used on both sides.

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The lawsuit says an associate of Gibson, Ian Kramer, hit a bar patron on the head with a baton and knocked her unconscious. The lawsuit also says Cider Riot has been the target of harassment and vandalism targeted at Antifa in the past.

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Gibson, in a statement posted on Facebook, said he has a right to be on a public sidewalk. 

"As an American I have every right to be on a public sidewalk, Cider Riot responded by spitting on me, pepper spraying me numerous times, and throwing their beer bottles at me. I never fought back and just sat there for over 20 minutes while they pepper sprayed me nonstop. The establishment clearly over served alcohol to their customers and never did anything to stop their drunk customers from attacking me. I remained on a public sidewalk the entire time. Their customers also attacked 2 different journalists who were simply just reporting what was happening. Look for a video uploaded soon."

Portland police are investigating the fight. They say no victims or witnesses wanted to file a report with them at the time.