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Overwhelmed working from home and home-schooling? Expert says you're not alone

Here are some tips to help your family navigate the pandemic.

PORTLAND, Ore. — If your work-from-home and home-schooling situation is feeling a bit out of control these days, you're not alone.

Like many parents fortunate to still work during this pandemic, that is the new, sometimes sobering reality.

And what might have been novel at first has, for some, turned to frustration.

"The novelty wears off, kids are bored, we're tired, we're stretched," explained Megan McClelland. 

McClelland is a professor of child development at Oregon state University, as well as a parent.

She said a lot of parents and kids feel as if they are at their breaking point right about now.

"To them we're there and we're at home and it's hard for them to see that their job is to go to school at home somehow and our job is to somehow work from home so and it's really hard to do both of those things," she said.

She stresses that even as we head into summer break, it's important parents follow a few simple guidelines.

For example, in the morning make a plan for the day. It doesn't have to be rigid, but at least have a plan.

Give your child choices. Let them help come up with the plan. Then check in on them to make sure they're following it.

Finally, give them a goal or reward to work toward like a movie night at the end of the week.

And then give yourself a break.

McClelland said while it's challenging, this is also an opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger.

"There's a big word for that," she said. "It's resilience."

 And it's important for kids to build that, especially now.

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