PORTLAND, Ore. — One school strives to instill "a lifelong love of learning" along with field trips and a skiing program at Mount Bachelor. Another promises a "Christ-centered, welcoming community" to shape "moral, caring and competent leaders." One offers "experiential learning" through "a cycle of direct experience, reflection, analysis and experimentation." Another follows a "personalized education philosophy" in an online setting.

Private schools provide an alternative to public education that may include nontraditional instruction, more personalized experiences, small classes or a religious grounding.

SLIDESHOW: Oregon's top 25 private schools for 2020

The website Niche compiles data and provides rankings of schools nationwide. It previously provided rankings for top high schools and best districts for teachers.

For Niche's top 25 private schools in Oregon, the website scored six areas. It used data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data and ratings from Niche users. SAT/ACT scores count for 30 percent of a school's rating and ratings for colleges its graduates attend count for 25 percent. College enrollment rates are 15 percent and student diversity, parent and student surveys, and student-teacher ratios each count for 10 percent.

Oregon's 25 best private schools, in Niche's analysis, are in places ranging from urban Portland to small towns like Newberg and Sheridan. 

Click through the slideshow to see which schools made the list.

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