PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Humane Society has launched a new campaign called “A More Humane Society.” The goal is to encourage more people to be kind to animals, and to report animal abuse and neglect.

The campaign launched this month, and is done in conjunction with Leopold Ketel Advertising, the company donating the work for the campaign.

On the Oregon Humane Society website, you can take a pledge to be kind to animals, and even find an option to change your Facebook profile art.

“Imagine a place where kindness and love prevail. A society in which all beings have a place, a purpose, and a sense of belonging. We are on a mission to create this society, a more humane society, and we need your help,” is the campaign’s message.

“We wanted to basically touch their hearts, we wanted them to say ‘gosh I don’t know what’s happening in the world, I don’t know what’s happening across the country, but I know, I can be more humane, I can take this pledge, and I can step up for animals’,” said Barbara Baugnon with the Oregon Humane Society.

“It’s about ending animal abuse, it’s about helping people keep their animals at home,” said Jerry Ketel with Leopold Ketel Advertising. “It’s about all sorts of things surrounding that, and I hope that helps to give this sense that we can do more when it comes to animals.”