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OHSU offers new, electric pedicab service in Portland's South Waterfront

If you are down along South Waterfront, you may see a new mode of transportation — a three wheeled taxi service for those coming and going from OHSU.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Go by Bike is offering the first big electric pedicab shuttle — moving people to and from OHSU's tram and Portland's South Waterfront facilities.

“We just started a new pedicab service, this is week two and we are offering free rides to OHSU personnel and patients as well,” said Nicholas, a Go by Bike pedicab operator.

The idea here is to move people — mostly OHSU staff — in an environmentally friendly way up and down Portland's South Waterfront, especially to the Schnitzer parking lot, where they park.

The free ride takes just a few minutes, instead of a 15-minute walk.

OHSU decided to go the electric route instead of bringing back motorized shuttle buses that were shut down during quieter pandemic times.

“You know we're pulling shuttles off the street, we're able to promote biking service. So for us it looks like a win; the community has been excited about it,” said Brett Dodson, director of campus access and commute services at OHSU.

Pedicab operator Nicholas said he's getting along great with cyclists in the area. “I was afraid I’d be in their way in the beginning, but they're happy to share the road with me," he said.

Nicholas has the pleasure of moving folks along in a way that gives them a break.

“If you're tired from your work day, just come on by hop in. It will give you a ride to your car in a sustainable way.  And we're happy to be able to provide that for everybody,” said Nicholas.

The pedicab is equipped with a cover for raining days.

“There's a lot of laughter, people are really enjoying themselves back there and that's a good feeling to have, so I guess that's the best feedback," said Nicholas. 

The pedicab service is based at the base of the tram and runs weekday mornings between 6:45-9:30 a.m. and afternoons from 3-6:30 p.m.   

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