MANZANITA, Ore. — The Ocean Inn hotel in Manzanita has started providing tsunami  "Go Bags" survival kits for its guests who may suddenly have to evacuate.

In a Facebook post by the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay, hotel owner Janice Zagata said the idea came to her and her husband during a preparedness meeting.

"What is my responsibility as a business owner to help my customers during an emergency," Janice Zagata asked herself.

They then got together with Jason Johnson, owner of the Tonquin Trading company hiking goods store in Seaside for ideas on what the bags, which he calls "go kits," should contain.

The "Go Bags" include first aid kits, water, food, blankets, ponchos, hand warmers and light sticks. One hangs in the closet of each of the hotel rooms. They have laminated instructions on evacuation procedures. 

Tonquin Trading created a tsunami preparedness video that features the Zagatas.