ASTORIA, Ore. -- Detectives in Astoria fear they could have an arsonist on their hands after five fires in 11 days.

“It’s a big deal,” said Police Chief Geoff Spalding. “We’re rolling out all the stops.”

Authorities say the first fire was back on Jan. 6. Ben Crockett and his wife woke up to a fire burning on their front porch.

“It was very clear it was intentional because there was a rolled-up T-shirt here that was the source of the fire,” said Crockett.

There were four other fires in the days to follow. Homes and property were damaged by the fires on 38th and Harrison Streets.

“It’s unsettling,” said neighbor Ian Peterson. “When it came to my daughter asking to sleep with a smoke detector, that’s when it got really scary.”

The fear is not lost on law enforcement. Police and fire officials met with neighbors Wednesday night to assure them no stone is being left unturned.

“We know the neighbors are really concerned about what’s going on in their neighborhood,” said Chief Spalding. “They’re looking to us to find the person or persons or individuals responsible for this.”

Neighbors hope whoever is responsible is captured sooner rather than later.

“There’s a psycho out there,” said Crockett. “Who knows how far they’ll go.”

Anyone with information about the fires is urged to contact the Astoria Police Department.