SEASIDE, Ore. -- Students in the Seaside School District have started a Go Fund Me campaign to ultimately relocate all campuses to locations safe from a tsunami generated by a major earthquake.

"The fact of the matter is that this disaster is inevitable and that it could happen at anytime," they wrote in the Go Fund Me proposal. "By the year 2060, just 45 years from now, we will have surpassed 85 percent of all known time periods between all known cascadia megathrust earthquakes."

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They hope to raise $200 million to relocate three schools, Seaside High, Broadway Middle and Gearhart Elementary, in the district, in addition to Neakahnie High School.

The evacuation route for the high school is 1.3 miles long, including a bridge that is not earthquake-proof, the students wrote. Grade-school students would actually run toward the ocean to a safe evacuation zone. Middle-school students have a mile to go, also across a bridge.

All of the schools are less than 15 feet above sea level. The tsunami from a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake off the coast of Oregon and Washington could be as tall as 100 feet.

Experts predict there is a one-in-three chance a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake at least 8.0 in magnitude will hit the Northwest in the next 50 years.

The Seaside fund held $545 Thursday morning toward that $200 million goal.

The money would fund what a failed bond measure couldn't. Seaside School District sponsored a $128 million bond to move the schools in 2013 but the town failed to pass it during an election.

Seaside High student body president Taylor Barnes was at Gresham High School this morning. Students there want to help in the effort.

"You can't raise all the money by yourself, so the fact that Gresham would step up and do all these events to fundraise and sell the t-shirts and other stuff they are doing is absolutely incredible," Barnes said.

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