PACIFIC BEACH, Wash. -- People on the Washington Coast got quite a show over the weekend when a rogue wave rolled in and inundated a creek and beach near Pacific Beach.

Irene Sumi was staying at a friend’s home, which overlooks the mouth of Joe Creek, and just happened to flip on her camera when the wave started to come in.

“The tide was coming in but that was definitely a rogue wave that came in quickly and big -- filled up the entire creek bed and beach,” she said.

Watch the rogue wave video

Sumi says she visits the area regularly.

“I’ve never seen a big wave come in like that,” she said.

The wave was carrying logs and debris with it.

“It’s pretty dangerous when those waves roll through,” she said.

She posted the video on Facebook and some people compared it to a “mini tsunami.”

“That one you couldn’t run fast enough to get out of the way,” she said.

Sumi said there had been warnings over the weekend about dangerous surf.