BEAVERTON, Ore. --- There’s a story making the rounds on social media that authorities are searching for a grape-loving giraffe that is on the loose after it escaped from a Beaverton home.

That story is false, according to Beaverton police and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Both agencies say they have not had a report of a missing giraffe, despite what the author of the seemingly fake Craigslist post says.

“We are not looking for any giraffes,” said Sgt. David Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The author claims their giraffe, supposedly named Raffi, escaped after landscapers damaged their fence. The author claims to live on the south side of Cooper Mountain in the Beaverton area and says Raffi may have went searching for grapes at a nearby vineyard.

Craigslist ad about a missing giraffe
Craigslist ad about a missing giraffe

An image search of the giraffe photo posted in the ad shows the picture is actually of April, whose birth at a New York zoo earlier this year captured the heart of the country.

Giraffe birth: Missed April's big moment? Watch it here

So while it would fit the mold of “Keep Portland Weird,” it appears the post is nothing but a tall tale.