Starting January 1, several laws will go into effect that impact Washingtonians.

More workers will have paid sick leave as the state's minimum wage increases to $11.50 an hour in the new year.

The increase is part of 2016's Initiative 1433, and will eventually raise the state's rate to $13.50 an hour by 2020. The law also requires employers to provide paid sick leave starting Jan. 1, when the newest minimum wage rate takes effect.

Seattle's new sugar tax will take effect in the new year and will cause the price of most sugary drinks to rise.

In June the Seattle City Council passed a 1.75 cents per ounce tax on a wide variety of popular beverages including sports drinks, energy drinks, soda, and juice boxes.

The new year also brings a new tax code. A Seattle taxman explains the tax changes, starting with the new standard deduction, which is nearly doubling for individuals and couples. He outlines four major points taxpayers should be aware of.

Many non-profits are also concerned how the tax changes to charitable donations could impact their ability to attract donors next year.

Also effective January 1. Washingtonians will no longer be able to write off state sales tax. Car buyers in Washington are rushing to dealers to try to avoid changes coming from the new GOP tax overhaul.