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Let's break down the new 'Hawkeye' trailer

It's the most wonderful time of the year for the two Hawkeyes.
Credit: Marvel/Disney

PORTLAND, Ore. — It's Christmastime in the new "Hawkeye" trailer and our gift from the MCU is finally giving Hawkeye a personality! Yipee! The first trailer for the Disney+ show "Hawkeye" dropped, let's break it down.

Look, if you have read the infamous Matt Fraction run of "Hawkeye" you know that he is hilariously clumsy, creative and not always super serious. Oh yeah, and hard of hearing which factors into his abilities in a really cool way in my humble nerd opinion.

For the last decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we have been largely denied a lot of Hawkeye's more redeeming qualities save for a quippy comment here and there. But it looks like, with the new trailer giving us a look into the upcoming series, that we will be getting some of that. For some reason it's set around Christmas for that good, "I'll be home for Christmas" Lifetime movie drama.

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But we do learn that Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye and eventual leader of the West Coast Avengers, is galavanting around town in an outfit that looks a lot like Emotionally-Unstable-Clint-Looking-For-Revenge's from "Avengers: Infinity War," which is causing some problems for Clint who is apparently trying to be super dad.

It's clear that there are going to be elements of family in this, which makes a lot of sense for Clint and Kate because they do have a sort of older brother or dad and daughter sort of vibe sometimes. She has that good Hawkeye ego too. I am really excited to see Kate Bishop brought to life and I am excited for what she represents: A new young group of heroes.

There is almost no doubt in my mind that the MCU is setting up the Young Avengers with the introduction of Tommy Maximoff (Speed), Billy Maximoff (Wiccan), Cassie Lang (Stature and later Stinger) and now Kate Bishop (Hawkeye, duh). If I had to guess, you could look to the comics "House of M" and "Young Avengers: Children's Crusade" to see where the young heroes are headed and how this ties in characters like Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff and Dr. Strange. 

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Now, we know that the MCU pulls from whatever comics they please without any rhyme or reason but they would be smart to head in this direction and to make a tighter connection between Wanda and Hawkeye because that has been gold in the comics for years. 

Credit: Marvel

Regardless, this looks like a show that is going to inject some "Thor: Ragnarok" levels of comedy and physical gags, which is right where I think Hawkeye should have been from the beginning.

There were also rumblings on the internet that something is going to happen to Clint in the show that will lead to him becoming hard of hearing and having to train Kate as some sort of protege because of it. Sometimes the MCU lacks tact, to put it gently, so we will see how this is handled.

Also, I'd pay good money to see "Rogers: The Musical".

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