PORTLAND, Ore. -- The man living next door to a North Portland home that exploded Monday afternoon said he was angry to learn the blast came from butane gas that was a part of a hash oil operation.

“Yeah. We’re pissed. We’re upset,” said Cody Eisenman.

His yellow house suffered severe damage during the blast. He’s lived there with his wife, Marisa Bear, and their two daughters, ages 6 and 9, for the past 11 years.

He’s trying to focus on the positive.

“It’s—its stuff. We’re okay. We lost our cat. But the family’s intact. We’re here,” he said.

Photos: Explosion destroys house in North Portland

Their neighbor is not. Matt McCrann died after the explosion.

A contractor working on McCrann’s house, Richard Cisler died as well.

Portland Fire and Rescue announced that the cause of the explosion was a large concentration of butane gas.

“The concentration of butane was created by the homeowner while he was attempting to produce butane hash oil. The ignition source has not been determined,” a press release said.

Marisa Bear, Eisenman's wife, was on a bed in the back bedroom when the blast occurred. Her daughters were at day camp.

Cody Eisenman
Cody Eisenman

“Her head was against the north wall and the explosion happened,” Eisenman said. “The window blew above her head. Everything funneled down on her. Part of the wall blew out. She popped up grabbed her laptop which was on her lap. She couldn’t see anything. There was debris and dust and smoke everywhere. She stumbled out – came out here. People at the park were asking her to get over there. She looked at the house and it was leveled.”

His wife did not want to be interviewed. But she was thrilled to find the couples’ wedding rings in the debris of their home.

Eisenman is still processing it all.

“We knew Matt. He was an okay guy. We didn’t know what was going on there. Obviously he paid the ultimate price,” he said.

The family is now staying in a hotel while they figure out their next step.

They have started a GoFundMe page to help pay for lost belongings and the rebuilding of their home.