FOREST GROVE, Ore. -- Police, firefighters and many others in Forest Grove are fed up and ready to move on from all the attention their city is getting after people reported hearing a mysterious noise.

Now people from across the country and around the world are weighing in and throwing out theories on where the noise may be coming from.

Captain Mike Herb with the Forest Grover Police Department said the strange sound is responsible for the roughly 200 calls and emails that have flooded city offices.

Mysterious Forest Grove noise gets national attention

“We've had about enough,” said Herb.

“At this point it's getting to be a little too much. We have work to do for our community,” agreed David Nemeyer with Forest Grove Fire & Rescue.

“We do have regular business to take care of during the day. We can't have our emails and voicemails filing up with folks all over trying to suggest a theory and solution to us for a noise,” said Herb.

The theories are getting more and more bizarre too. Some people have suggested the sound is coming from frogs, or mating sasquatch. Others have proposed even more interesting theories.

“The alien mother ship contacting us,” added Herb.

Herb said bottom line, don't call the non-emergency line reporting the noise or a theory, and don't call it in as an emergency.

“Certainly don't want anybody calling 911 with a theory or a solution or to say even that they're hearing the sound,” said Herb.

Police said they're done investigating for now unless someone has specific and credible information.

“I think we have reached our limit of possible theories and solutions. I think we're good. I think we'll take it from here,” Herb said.

According to Herb, if someone is intentionally causing the noise, they could get fined because the noise violates a city ordinance.

He also said it's important to put the situation into context. He said not many people have actually heard the noise and it doesn't happen frequently.

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