PORTLAND, Ore. -- Musicians in town for the NW String Summit over the weekend created songs inspired by kids stories.

“We call the foundation 'Sing Me a Story,'” explained creator Austin Atteberry.”The stories are written by kids who are sick or in need of support.”

Atteberry is traveling to music festivals all over the country this summer where he sets up a mobile recording studio.

The stories come from kids around the world at storytelling workshops.

The Foundation partners with more than 90 organizations who help identify the kids with compelling ideas.

“We went to the website and read the stories,” said musician Anthony Dente. "We liked one written by three boys in Nepal.”

Dente and his group, “One Grass, Two Grass,” came up with a catchy tune based on the boys’ tale of a bear, a monkey and a tiger king.

“It was a beautiful collaboration,” Dente said. ”I hope they had as much fun as we did.”

Once the songs are finished, fans can go the website and download the song with a donation.

“Kids have imaginations all over the world and us big kids as musicians get to turn the results into songs that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Atteberry said.