GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. — Over the last couple of weeks there have been a fewbike accidents along a Timberline bike trail that takes you from the lodge to Government Camp.

Cyclists have been getting everything from bumps to bruises to broken bones.

Now, that the snow is gone for all of the skiers and snowboarders, the dirt and rock is exposed for the cyclists to go down the Timberline to Town Trail, which is about three miles long. It’s surrounded by wildflowers, trees but there’s plenty of obstacles too.

Libby Koroch is the ski patrol director with Timberline Lodge.

Over the last couple of weeks, she’s been seeing more people take some spills up there. Koroch wants people to realize the trails chance everyday.

“The terrain changes daily, it's uneven. There's always going to be obstacles, especially outside of our permit area. You can expect rocks, loose dirt, stumps soil, downed trees,” said Koroch.

She said it’s important to exercise safety when cycling on the trail including using helmets, and even shoes.